The greatest reward that we receive at Monarch Hospice is hearing from the patients and families we’ve had the privilege to serve during a difficult time.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I’m able make a difference in a person’s life when they need my friendship the most.

The greatest reward that we receive at Monarch Hospice is hearing from the patients and families we’ve had the privilege to serve during a difficult time. Your words not only inspire us to continue the work we do, but they may inspire others that are dealing with illness and loss.

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Just want to say “thank you” for taking such wonderful, loving care of Mom and Dad. I believe that God, with his perfect timing lead us to you. It was comforting that you all treated Mom & Dad as family and not just as patients, for giving of yourselves not just doing your “job”. Thank you for the support you gave our family, for sharing with us spiritually, emotionally, as well as professionally. You each have such wonderful gifts that you willingly share and all of you will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for being there. God’s Blessings.

-- Sue - A grateful daughter

It’s difficult to find words to express our appreciation for the help and comfort all of you provided to our Mom as well as our family. It takes special people to help patients and their families with end of life situations. We thank God for sending us his angels through our friends at Monarch Hospice.

-- Grateful Sons

When you all came into our lives it changed everything. God sent you to us and without you I don’t know what we would have done. You helped us deal with something no one ever wants to deal with and you made death so peaceful. I could not ask for better people to have taking care of my dad. He at times did not like that he needed the care but deep down inside he trusted you and that’s what was important. Whenever I am sad I think of Monarch and that makes my heart better. I can never thank you enough for being in our lives. God takes care of people like you. Be proud and keep your heads held up high for what you do.

-- Love and Thanks; A Grateful Daughter

We wanted to have my Ray at home with us and thanks to you we were able to. Ray really enjoyed and loved our new friends and looked forward to them coming. I did too. His thoughts were with you during the day all the time. He would say, “remind me to tell Gabriele or Sue this tomorrow”. Those great hotdogs were often the subject discussed (we still have some in the freezer so please stop by). I pray that our paths will continue to cross. Words cannot describe the feelings that my family and I feel toward all of you: Marcia, Sue, Gabriele, Helen, Pastor Terry and Pastor Mark, too. We have new additions to our family and like it or not, you are stuck with us.

-- God’s blessings to you all A Loving Wife and Family

Helen, Marcia, Maryanne, Mark and Cathy; thank you all so very much for everything you devoted to Mike and I during his final weeks. Cathy did a remarkable job with Mike’s care and made it fun to be with. Mike was a real trooper and had spirit as big as the sky. It’s a wonderful devotion that each and every one of you gives of yourselves.

-- God Bless you all; love Judy, a grateful friend.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the last few weeks of my father’s life more comfortable, more bearable, more tolerable for both Daddy and Mother.  I managed a medical oncology practice for nearly three years; I know it takes a very special type of person to do the work you do.  The whole family was very glad when Daddy finally “accepted” the idea of Hospice and for Mom it really took so much stress off – but you already know all that.  What you don’t know is that everyday when I called (I live in Atlanta) Mom & Dad would always have such a “good report” – such nice things to say.  They really felt comfortable and “in good hands” while in your care.  To children living so far away, that was a huge comfort.  Daddy wanted to pass peacefully, in his home, in his sleep, with his wife and children with him – You helped him accomplish that.  His spirit now flutters amongst all of us – in peace.  Thanks to all of you at Monarch for making those last weeks pain-free and peaceful.

-- Laurie - a grateful daughter

Monarch was our hope at a very hopeless time for us. I know my father had the best care with all of you and my family could not have asked for more compassionate people to guide us through this time. ... I believe you were sent to us from above to help my father and my family deal with his new journey. All we can say is THANK YOU. (This is an excerpt, Click Here to view the complete letter.)

-- Cindy - a grateful daughter and her family

We believe you know how grateful we feel to have been able to work with your special Team.  In the short time of one week, your Team Members Cathy, Gabriele, Karen and yourself, armed us with everything available to make Mom as comfortable as possible.  Your Team gave us the guidance and reassurance to help Mom with her final days.  We could not have done it without your very knowledgeable professionals on staff at Monarch.  The service you provided from the first day through the last day thoroughly amazed us and we are forever grateful.

-- Sincerely Greg & Judy

Thank you so much for the time you spent with Dave and also for supporting me and my family. All your kindness, visits and phone calls will never be forgotten. Also, thank you for coming to Dave’s memorial service – you will never know how deeply touched we all were by your presence. You truly are an angel on earth. We could never have gone through this alone.

-- Sincerely and with gratitude Jodi, Troy and Irma

Thank you for all your support and kindness during Herb’s final journey. You made a very difficult process bearable.

-- With Much Appreciation, A Thankful Wife

When I made the decision to bring my mother home I never imagined all her care would entail. I knew in my heart that I could love her, talk to her, feed her and make her as comfortable as I could. And also, let her know that I was there for her – But I didn’t know how much more help I would need until four Angels walked into our lives. Marcia, Gabriele and Karen – THANK YOU! My Angels for making my mother’s last ten days with me memorable. I will never forget all that Monarch Hospice did for us.

-- Sincerely With Gratitude and Love, Wendy (a grateful daughter)

"I can't begin to thank you enough for all you did for my Uncle. Without your support and kindness I don't think I would have made it through this difficult journey.  Karen, Gabriele and Marcia were truly heaven sent. You listened with compassion and understanding and did so much for my Uncle and my family. I can't begin to thank you. David really liked all of you and really appreciated the time and attention and in the end you were able to make him so comfortable. I honestly believe he died in peace and I know he was never in pain. God bless you for the work you do!!"

-- Kathy: Grateful niece of David

“Thank you all for the care you each gave, in your own special ways, before our mother passed away. Thank you, also for the support and caring concern shown to all of us – it was much appreciated.”

-- A Thankful Family

“ It’s difficult to express the feelings we each have in our hearts for your loving kindness. Even though you assisted us for only a short time, the quality of care and thoughtfulness was outstanding. You helped make those last few days and hours bearable. We know that Verdell could sense your gentle and caring touch. We prayed for an angel to take Verdell home and were blessed when “three” came to our rescue. We wish each of you future success and may God bless the loving work you do. Your love and kindness will be in our hearts forever. "

-- A Grateful Family
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